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  • ([ State of the Strip - 02.2012 ])

    The following is copy-pasted from the Biff site.

    - — - — ~ — - — -
    I bet you’re wondering where the next update is, huh?

    Tuck in kids. This has been a long time coming. -.-

    January and early February were a bit tough here at the House of Amill. Deaths, rewrites and computer problems have knocked production of comics to an all-time low. This includes the ones I’m doing for a new sketchbook I had planned to launch at the end of March/early April. In fact, I’m typing this from my laptop as my new main system (swapped out for a spare due to CPU load issues) hums and ticks and updates beside me.

    I have no cash to buy a new system. I have no funds coming in save a small project on the horizon. I have recently made a sale of a mug off of my Zazzle shop - the first sale in nearly two years. I’ve had a single sale of Biff Vol.1 (which I’m forever grateful for) when it was first released but haven’t moved anything since.

    To say that this is a blow to my self esteem is an understatement.

    Instead of wasting my time moping about, I’ve been reassessing my current plans again. I don’t believe I can return to the strip in any set amount any time soon without seeing one of my vectors for money paying off. There is no way that I can say “I’m done” here because this strip keeps me going. I just can’t say when I’ll be able to update like I used to. I’ll still post a couple of strips here and there and I still really want to do an arc where we get to meet Biff’s father but, for the moment, I have to focus on making my register ring more so the bill collector’s call less.

    If you feel so inclined, feel free to visit the store or leave a donation. Every bit counts. Once I get my system back, I’ll be returning to book making and possibly broadcasting a wallpaper for this month with Vinnie and Red.

    'Till next time.

    - — - — ~ — - — -

    With this last round of computer issues, I’m two steps away from punting things I need to do my work deep into traffic. -.-

    This comes at the end of a long list of things I’ve not spoken about to anyone outside my family and friends who are physically within earshot. Instead of giving up or sleeping until this year is over, I’m going to try my damnedest to make money off of what I got while getting the word out about my current stock. I’ve been looking into adding new formats and new options to my books while getting new titles out and running. Hell… I’ve even thought about opening commissions again to see if I have any takers.

    I can’t keep afloat anymore and keep my comic strip up-to-date. It sucks that the thing that suffers is the thing I love to do the most. Biff’s not dead yet but it’ll be limping along like years one and two. -.-


  • Posted 2 years ago on 02.21.2012 @ 11:36pm + [ Notes] + Comments
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