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  • ([ The Voodoo that I Do & Where You Can Buy It ])

    Why? Because I know some folks have wondered about this and it’s always good to have something like this to point to when the need arises.

    Shirts, Prints, and other gear:
    - The HoA Shops @ Zazzle
    This is where you can find all manner of stuff with my artwork on it. Mouse pads, t-shirts, mugs, aluminum water bottles… the sort of stuff I can’t currently produce in large quantities (or at all) at home. I update this one whenever I have something I think will go over well or that I’d like to buy later on.
    Suggested Areas - Cartoons & Characters, Word Bubbles, Better Living through Necromancy (Must Log In to View)
    - The Biff Shop @ Zazzle
    Standard fair for any comic these days, you can find a number of products related to my strip here.You can find everything from character shirts and logo items to neat designs inspired by the strip itself.
    Suggested Areas - Odds & Ends, Posters & Prints, Tech & Accessories

    - Books @ the House of Amill
    The easiest and quickest way for you to get your hands on my books is to simply buy them from me. Two dollars gets you a digital copy of my one time convention exclusive HoA Presents! House Special Vol. 1 and the first of many Biff books Biff the Vampire Vol.1 - Once Upon a Time in Willimantic…
    - HoA Presents! @ Lulu
    Knowing just how much reach I currently have, I opted to also publish through Lulu. It currently only has Biff Vol1 but I am adding the rest of my books there as I get them formatted properly. The books on Lulu will always be the same amount as the books on my site.

    Other Ways:
    - The Shops at the House of Amill
    The catch-all for my products. Also available: Prints and stickers directly from me. You can suggest other products you’d like to see from me or even submit a form to commission me. Unlike the other sources, getting physical products from me isn’t as automatic and still very iffish at the moment as it’s all at the mercy of my tech.

    - Face to Face
    I usually post when/if I have table at a convention. You can buy stuff off of me personally and I can even sign it if you like. Fair warning: If I’m simply attending a convention as a fan and I’m not in Artist’s Alley, there is a Very good chance I won’t have any pre-made products on me to sell to you. This doesn’t mean I might not draw you something on the fly but it’s highly unlikely.

    There you have it. A full list of the places I peddle my wares at online and off. This will be updated as the situation changes and as new places are added.

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