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  • ([ On Lanterns… ])

    My friend got me a neat gift this past Christmas. He got me all of the Lantern rings from DC’s epic Blackest Night story. For those not in the know, Blackest Night started in the Green Lantern series of books and has grown to touch all of DC’s characters. Normally, I’m not a fan of these multi-book epics that span series and usually require the lowly comic buyer (a.k.a - me) to scoop them all up to get the whole story. Thankfully, Blackest Night doesn’t seem to be that way. Like a good video game, main title seems to be the only one required to enjoy the series with bonus bits of great story coming from the side titles.

    I write about this not only to talk about one of my top three favorite DC books (GL, Batman and the Flash for those curious), but also to ask about ring color.

    The lead into Blackest Night introduced us to the Emotional Spectrum. It turns out Green and Yellow are not the only two sides you can join up with. There is a total of eight groups out there; each with their own colors and emotions.

    • Black - Death. You must be or have been dead to join. They are the main antagonist Corp in the series and are pretty much Emotion Zombies. Weakness so far: the white light emitted by Dove.
    • Red - Rage.
    • Orange (Agent Orange) - Avarice.
    • Yellow (Sinestro Corp) - Fear.
    • Green - Willpower.
    • Blue - Hope.
    • Indigo (Indigo Tribe) - Compassion.
    • Violet (Star Sapphires) - Love.

    I know where I stand but I have a question for folks: What Corp are you?

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  • ([ On my recent uptick in the use of UStream ])

    It’s times like this that I really wish I could be Mr. “Simple Reasons for Doing Stuff”-guy. So just kick back, Sally. This is going to be fun.

    I’ve had a UStream account for a bit now. I never really used it much before and certainly not as much as I have in the past week or so. One of the reasons for this is I just didn’t have that thought in my head. It never flashed through that, since I’m already sitting at my system I could just turn on the screen capture program and broadcast this randomness out to the Internet at large. For as much as I claim otherwise, my mind simply doesn’t work like that. It’s the reason I never kept up a blog, why I never joined Livejournal and a key reason I don’t hit up the IM programs like I used to. My life is about as thrilling a show as paint drying and - trust me on this one - at least paint will change drastically over a short period of time.

    The reason I have been going live pretty much every night/morning is two fold. First is that motivation that only a crowd can provide. Ask anyone - when you think folks are watching you, your activities and responses change slightly. I work harder knowing that there is an off-chance someone is watching. It’s my own defense mechanism when I’m out in public. Instead of interacting with the world, I toss it aside and draw/write/read a book.

    Strange? Yes, but it works.

    Not only am I more on top of my strip but I’m actually driven ever-so-slightly more to see an image out to the end knowing the nameless eyes of the Internet are upon me. Plus, as a viewer there is a good chance you are or might become a reader of my webcomic. This technically elevates you to a quasi-boss status. Many folks tend to goof off less when they know the boss could be watching.

    The second reason is a simpler one. I broadcast from my bedroom in a nowhere town after midnight. I have no car, no free friends and no true art buddies I can talk with. When all that hits you, you realize it’s pretty damn lonely over here. Out of the seven souls in this house, I’m the only one up. I am the night shift.

    Honestly, doing a broadcast when someone pops in makes working until dawn a little more manageable. Without it, I’m barking at the dark, listening to the sounds of drunken college kids or the cry of emergency vehicles on there way to someplace else.

    Drink that in for a minute.

    Consider this a bit of an apology for flooding folks feeds with “Drawing live! Come join me!” and other mildly sarcastic remarks followed by a link. It’s keeping me focused on work and making these walls drop a little bit so I can get things done.


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  • ([ Follow Friday (Comic Edition) - 03-26-10 ])

    In the spirit of Twitter’s Follow Friday, I decided to do something similar with actual links to webcomics that I’m currently reading. Those who follow my every action in various different places will get bombed by this. I apologize in advance.

    The idea is simple: Every other Friday or so (depending on what I’m reading), I will drop a couple of links for strips you may know, may not know and really should be reading. Without further ado… the links!

    Strips You May Know:

    - Brightleaf by Brett Muller

    - Strays by Samantha Whitten and Stacey Pefferkorn

    Strips You May Not Know:

    - Altermeta by Casey Young.

    - Chippy and Loopus by John Sanford.

    Strips You Really Should Be Reading:

    - Wyliman by Mario González.

    - Addictive Science by Cervelet at devArt.

    Go forth and bask in the comic-y goodness! = D


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  • cephalopodgal:


Apologies to Gene Ha, Chris Sims (@theisb), and everyone everywhere.

I laughed!!!!



    Apologies to Gene Ha, Chris Sims (@theisb), and everyone everywhere.

    I laughed!!!!

    [Click Here for High Res]
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