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  • ([ The Grandaddy of All Contact Lists ])

    Here’s something I have been meaning to do: Drop my actual listing of websites, archives and various other ways for folks to contact me someplace online so I can simply point to it and go “See! I’m not completely anti-social!”

    Fear not, I will update this as it changes.

    Main -
    Comic -
    Tumblr -
    -> Art-Only -

    Art Archives:
    deviantArt -
    FurAffinity -
    InkBunny -
    SheezyArt -
    Side 7 -
    Weasyl -

    Social Sites:
    Facebook -
    -> Biff’s Fanpage -
    Google+ -
    -> Biff’s G+ -

    IM Screen Names/Profiles:
    AIM - ProphEKA
    Skype - propheteka (Warning: Thanks to unknown issues, Skype may or may not have me listed as “Online” while I’m away from my system.)
    Steam -
    TEGAKI Messenger - 763.1254.6240

    General Contacts:
    Twitter (Main) -
    Twitter (Comic) -
    Twitter (Special Events) -
    Good ol’ email -

    Tumblr -
    -> Alt. Ask via Submit -

    Dig it.


  • Posted 4 years ago on 04.07.2010 @ 07:52pm + [2 Notes] + Comments
    \\me/\contact list//
  • ([ I’m a Fanboy of my Friends’ Works ])

    Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m in a bit of an art funk at the moment. It’s lifting slowly but it’s lifting.

    While I suddenly had all this free time, I realized something… I’m a fanboy of my friends’ works. o.O

    On my iPod, I have a bunch of albums from one of my buddies online. On my system, I have pictures saved in my ‘File Images’ folder from most of the folks I know currently or have known previously online and offline. I read and have bought comics from folks I have had more than “a couple of conversations” with. I bought a How-To art book partly because I used to spend a lot of time chatting with a couple of the artists featured in back. I’ve made it a point to commission particular folks I still talk to once I have the cash; not because I talk to them regularly (or irregularly for some) but because I’m honestly a fan of their work.

    Maybe it’s because I know and have known so many artistically inclined folks that this has happened but it just doesn’t seem normal to me. Going down the list of folks I’m willing to call “Friend”, I can’t think of a single goddamn one who isn’t talented in something artistic - be it their main career, hobby or “nothing special”. How the hell this happened? I have no clue. Then again, when you look at my online and offline habits from the last fifteen years, it would make sense as I tend to be where creative types are. It would be statistically improbable that I wouldn’t run into a person or two who does work I like, is willing to hold a conversation with me and not walk away from that experience wishing they had that moment of their life back but is willing to do it again and again.

    The one good take-away from this realization: I can honestly say that I have a bunch of crazy creative folks that I look up to and have (or “had” after this) some manner of a long term non-fanboy-type relationship with.

    These are the thoughts that go through my caffeine soaked mind at 4am when I should be doing something productive. o.@

  • Posted 3 years ago on 05.13.2011 @ 04:33am + [2 Notes] + Comments
    cephalopodgal asked:

    I was not the healthiest of kids growing up. I can’t remember how many times I landed in the hospital because of spinal meningitis or something less crazy.

    Like… I literally can’t remember how many times. o.O

    I remember the last time. School trip to Mystic Aquarium. Got around to the penguin exhibit, I believe. Suddenly felt really cruddy. Woke up in the hospital. Kind of a trip, ya’ know?

    Posted 3 years ago on 08.27.2011 @ 12:01am + [ Notes] + Comments
  • ([ Megs and Toast: Reblog this so people know who you are ])

    Name: Erik Kristopher Amill
    Tumblr Name: ProphetEKA
    Nickname(s): Erik, Prophet, Proph, EKA
    Birthday: April 20th (Yes, yes. I know. -.-)
    Relationship Status: Single.
    Random fact about you: I rarely, if ever, toss things out that I feel I might have a use for later. I still have most of my old artwork, plenty of old comics, and a particularly nice canvas jacket that I still have eyes on having copied and/or patched up.
    Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, watching old movies, watching cartoons of all kinds, playing video games, reading/making comics, designing websites that don’t suck.
    Do you smoke/drink: Don’t smoke and I only drink on special occasions.
    Why Tumblr? ‘Cause Pownce died long ago.

  • Posted 3 years ago on 09.13.2011 @ 02:38am + [38622 Notes] + Comments
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