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  • surfdog2000:


    If you know me then you know I’m not a really big fan of Disney. But this short in my opinion is one of their most beautiful things ever done, this was supposed to be in the next Fantasia that got cancelled.  This also made me firmly believe that there needs to be a 2D animated film that takes place in Africa, and I will hand draw the entire thing myself it I have to. If it takes the rest of my life to finish. On my bucket list.

    WOW why haven’t i heard of this before??

  • Posted 3 years ago on 08.13.2011 @ 04:23am + [2163 Notes] + Comments
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  • kouban:

    I, like many of my generation, was first introduced to TMBG via Tiny Toons. And only now, on this watching, did I realize that the bit with the hair and the violin was Hamton & Plucky as the actual duo. (To be fair, I think the last time I saw this one was whenever Tiny Toons was still in reruns)


    Many people were first introduced to “Istanbul, Not Constantinople” from They Might Be Giants due to the syndicated cartoon Tiny Toons Adventures

    The video stars Plucky Duck, Hampton and Montana Max

    I would be remiss if I let this slip by without a reblog. = )
  • explushion:


    Daffy Duck: the Anime

    holy shit yes

    Hot Damn! That Duck has one Hell of a great imagination. o.O

    (Source: axelkatten, via permavermin)

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  • Countdown by Céline Desrumaux

    Came across this through a StumbleUpon email.
    The visuals are fantastic. A combination of 2D and 3D used to build a minimalist retro style that feels like a 50’s poster brought to life. = )

  • Posted 3 years ago on 09.21.2011 @ 06:46pm + [2 Notes] + Comments
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